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What is SADA?

The South African Disability Alliance (SADA) is a voluntary consultative forum of national disability organisations. SADA’s work is aligned with the goal of advancing the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities in South Africa and the improvement of our quality of life.

Hot Topics

SADA exists to provide a platform to seek consensus and reaching common positions on issues relating to:

a) Key policy and legislative issues relating to disability at national, regional (African) and international levels;

b) Public perceptions of disability and persons with disabilities;

c) Norms and standards of services and service delivery to persons with disabilities;

d) Representing a unified voice as the disability sector without restricting differing views;

e) Joint strategies and inclusive positions on cross-cutting issues affecting persons with disabilities;

f) Self-representation by persons with disabilities;

g) Advocating and lobbying on issues affecting persons with disabilities; and

h) Providing leadership for persons with disabilities in South Africa on issues affecting us.

i) Research

j) Collaborate with other stakeholders on joint initiatives, programmes and campaigns.


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Ari Seirlis


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Anisha Ramlaul


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