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SADA recognises both full and associate membership:  14 Full Members (National Disability Organisations) and 8 Associate Members.   The organisation is led by an elected EXCO comprising of the Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Treasurer, two additional members and a secretariat.

THE SADA Non Profit Company (NPC) – 2016/155765/08 was registered and remains as a legal entity.

Ari Seirlis

Ari Seirlis

Small Business

SADA has three subcommittees:


The membership of SADA established the Small Business Sub-Committee during the member meeting held on 27 November 2018 to popularise entrepreneurship as a career option for people with disabilities and put structures in place to support and promote this.


The purpose of the Sub-Committee is to:

Popularise entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship as a career/business option for people with disabilities;

Establish structures to support this;

To lobby and advocate for the rights of business owners and social entrepreneurs with disabilities; and

Establish a database of businesses and social enterprises owned and operated by persons with disabilities with a view to promoting such businesses.  This includes businesses owned by family members provided that persons with disabilities are the key beneficiaries.


To interact with SADA members and other role-players regarding small business development.

To promote the interests of business owners and social entrepreneurs with disabilities.

To create information resources and a referral network to support potential and existing entrepreneurs with disabilities.

To establish formal working relationships with relevant role-players, most notably the Economic Development Department (EDD) or any related key department in support of entrepreneurs with disabilities.

To allocate and prioritise tasks amongst Sub-Committee members supported by the SADA membership, as well as stipulating timeframes for these tasks.

Ari Seirlis

Ari Seirlis



The South African Disability Alliance (SADA) is an organisation operating in terms of a MoU between 22 national member disability organisations in South Africa.

There is a need to deal with specific issues of discrimination against people with disabilities and human rights issues, this will include lobbying, advocacy and service provision in various sectors including Transport.

The TRANSPORT Committee was established (May 2016) to deal with and facilitate all and any TRANSPORT related problems, opportunities, consultations and issues.


The Transport Committee was established :

To create an interactive discussion platform on Transport related items and issues.

To engage in all Transport issues.

To ensure a universal accessible environment within the Transport infrastructure and operations.

Represent the SADA membership in all Transport related issues, discrimination and Advocacy

To represent all of the members of the SADA and report accordingly.


To have knowledge of all Transport related legislation and regulation and contribute towards the development of any new policy necessary.

To make recommendation and report to SADA to amend clauses in legislation and policies when needed.

To be the voice of SADA and represent SADA on all Transport related issues.

To monitor and evaluate all Transport infrastructure and operations.

To provide technical expertise to any Transport infrastructure development and operation.

To ensure the relevant articles of the UNCRPD are reflected in Transport provision and infrastructure.


Convene when and if needed.