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The RampUp project in South Africa wants to be a resource to faith communities to develop as disability-friendly communities of believers.

Through the website and Facebook page, useful material is available for faith communities to take steps in actively including persons with disability.

RampUp pursues the following objectives:

  • To dispel myths about the causes of disability, the abilities of persons with disability and the aspirations of persons with disability
  • To promote a positive view of disability and persons with disabilities
  • To demonstrate how persons with disabilities can play a positive role in the life, work, witness, and leadership of the church
  • To provide faith communities with tools to assess and improve their physical accessibility to people with disabilities.
  • To provide churches with tools to assess their organisational climate in respect of people with disabilities:
  • Respectful interaction between disabled and non-disabled people
  • Develop sensitivity for the needs of people with disabilities

The key message is that persons with disabilities can make an enriching contribution in faith communities.

Kindly visit the website and  Facebook page, or contact us at . Erna Möller – Project manager
Cell:  082 731 9857

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