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Western Cape Network on Disability

We are a network for all organisations in the disability sector. The Network operates throughout the Province of the Western Cape and is a member driven organisation. We address gaps in service delivery to persons with disabilities, promote rights of people with disabilities as well as lobby and advocate for equal opportunities for persons with disabilities and share information amongst organisations in the disability sector.


It should be noted that the Western Cape is the only province in the country with a network of this nature, and our 25-year track record provides proof of the relevance of the organisation.

What we do:

  • Promote an Inclusive Society
  • Raise Awareness and Understanding of the Rights and Needs of Children and Adults with disabilities.
  • Create working partnership between Service Providers and people with disabilities themselves.
  • Create opportunities for Organizations for persons with disabilities to network and establish lasting relationships that will be beneficial for their clients.
  • Represent the Rights and Needs of people with disabilities in Policy making processes.
  • Lobby for Appropriate services for all people with disabilities.
  • Monitor Legislation.
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